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Best iPhone Unlock Service - How to be 100% sure that your iPhone will get Unlocked?

Before explaining you how to find the Best iPhone Unlock service for your device, there are a few things you should first know:

  1. What kind of a lock your iPhone has?
  2. What are the available Unlocking services?
  3. What makes an iPhone Unlocking company the “Best“?


We will not get into much details for all the above, but a few things are necessary in order to identify which company is the best for unlocking your iPhone.

Best iPhone Unlocking services

What kind of a lock your iPhone has?

Even though every “lock” is unique, we managed to categorize all “kinds of locks”.

Generally, each category has a specific type of unlock solution, but there are a few things that you need to check before rushing into purchasing them.

  1. Passcode lock
  2. Network or SIM lock
  3. Blacklist lock
  4. iCloud lock
  5. Worldwide lock


You can read more details for each lock category from our “How to Unlock a Locked iPhone Guide 2020” post.

What are the available Unlocking services?

As a general rule, we will link each lock with a solution, so at least you know what to look for.

The Passcode Lock can get removed only by specific software tools and not an online service.

The Network / SIM Lock can get removed either by the lock carrier or with an IMEI Unlock service.

A Blacklisted iPhone can get unlocked either with a Premium IMEI Unlock service or with a combination of an Unblacklist + Network IMEI Unlock service.

iCloud Lock can get ByPass with online tutorials and get Unlocked with an iCloud IMEI Unlock service.

Worldwide Lock cannot get removed for the past few years. Avoid “fake” solutions.


Lock TypeUnlock Solution
Passcode LockSoftware to Bypass it
Network or SIM LockIMEI Network Unlock service
Blacklist LockPremium Unlock or Unblacklist
iCloud LockByPass or IMEI iCloud Unlock
Worldwide LockNo services available

How to identify the Best iPhone Unlocking company?

We believe that the following values are necessary for an iPhone Unlocking company to be considered as “The Best“:

  • Be able to suggest you the RIGHT service
  • Access to many unlocking suppliers
  • Clear Prices & Availability of Unlock services
  • Have GSX & GSMA access
  • Experienced Customer Support (And always available)
  • Payment method(s)
  • Clear refund policy
  • Decent Success Rates


We indeed have all the above values, but there are many unlocking companies out there that also have them.

This is not an advertising post that promotes our services, since we are mostly focusing on proper IMEI identification and guaranteed unlocking suggestions.

Suggest the right serviceOrdering a wrong service, not only will not unlock your iPhone, but you are also not eligible for a refund.
Many Unlocking SuppliersIt is not possible for a single company to support thousands of carriers. Cooperating with more suppliers will allow it to offer better prices and great variety.
Clear Prices/AvailabilityYou should know up front the price (No hidden charges should exist) and if the service is ONLINE or not.
GSX & GSMA accessThe unlocking company should be able to get accurate and up to date IMEI reports to properly identify the current issues of an iPhone (To suggest the right service)
Customer SupportThey should know what they are doing and be available to reply to you 24/7
Payment MethodWe believe PayPal is the best method, since it supports great refunding procedures (Always helps the buyer!)
Refund PolicyIf the company cannot provide what they offer, an immediately refund should be made. This should be stated very clearly.
Success RatesNone can guarantee a 100% success rate to all unlocking services. But, the minimum should be at least 90%. In case of a failure, a full refund should be provided.

SUMMARY on how to find the best iPhone Unlocking Company

There are 3 things that you need to know, that will help you to identify which company is the best when it comes in iPhone unlocking.

  1. Have a Up to Date report with your iPhone’s status
  2. Know what service your iPhone needs for getting fully unlocked
  3. Find a company that meets ALL the above values that we listed


You can get all those 3 things with our iPhone IMEI Unlock Check Eligibility.

We will analyse your iPhone’s IMEI number, explain you what the problem and the best unlocking solution is and we will point you where to find it.

A few unlocking services are supported by us, but it is not mandatory to get them from us. If you find a company with a cheaper unlocking solution, you can ask us to “check” it and see if it is valid or not.