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Identify your iPhone’s status

Identifying your iPhone’s status In order to properly identify your iPhone’s status you will need to have a complete iPhone IMEI Check report. Below you can check some raw results of iPhone IMEI Check reports, which show the status of an iPhone. Pick “No, my iPhone doesn’t have any of the above issues” when you […]

How to identify the iCloud status of an iPhone

iCloud Locked iPhones can have different statuses. Please see below images of iCloud Locked iPhones so you can easily identify your iPhone’s iCloud status. Since it simply asks you for an Apple ID and Password, it means that its iCloud status is CLEAN. However, if you see any of the following screens on your iPhone, […]

How to Deactivate Find My iPhone

How to Deactivate Find My iPhone in 4 simple steps Click on “Settings“ Tap on “iCloud“ Scroll down and Tap the “Find My iPhone” option On the next page tap on the switch to turn off Find My iPhone (the switch will be grey if it’s off) Tutorial to Quickly Deactivate the Find My iPhone […]