Got an iCloud locked iPhone?


Get the Original Owner iCloud Contact Information of your iPhone!

The iCloud Contact Information Service will provide every available information about the original owner’s iCloud account such as account full name, Apple ID email and phone number.

In order to get this service, you need an IMEI Check.

Please proceed here by entering your IMEI number:

  • To find your IMEI: Dial *#06# or go to “Settings” > ”General”> “About” > ”IMEI”
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Benefit from our reliable and stress-free service

We have access to Apple’s iCloud accounts database, which allows us to locate all the information about the original owner of an iPhone. All we need is the IMEI of an iPhone.

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Will this service remove the iCloud Lock?

Once an iPhone user activates the Find My iPhone feature, certain actions ( such as switching to a new Mobile Network/SIM-Card) require to login to the iCloud Account. This means that if you have an iPhone that is activated with not your iCloud Account, in order to use it properly you will have to login with the Apple ID and password of the previous owner iCloud Account. The iCloud Contact Information Service is able to find the contact information of the original owner, so you can contact him to remove the iCloud Activation Lock Screen of your iPhone. This is the only legal service which will allow you to remove the iCloud Lock of your iPhone by contacting the original owner of your iPhone.


How to Find my iPhone’s IMEI Number?

On all iOS devices, the IMEI number can be retrieved by entering *#06# in the dial piad ( as if you were dialing a phone number ). You can also find it through your iPhone’s Settings (Settings –> General –> About)


What can I do with the contact information?

You have multiple options that will help you to remove the iCloud Lock of your iPhone or get you some extra cash:

  • Contact the original owner and make an arrangement to remove the iCloud Lock of your iPhone. This will allow you to use this iPhone properly and activate it with your own iCloud account.

  • Provide a formal iCloud Lock Removal request to Apple by providing the original information of the iPhone. Apple will either arrange a meeting with the original owner or simply remove the iCloud Lock from your iPhone

  • Inform the Original owner that his/her iPhone was found to your possession and arrange an exchange with him/her. This is a win-win situation, and you can ask the original owner to pay a “reimbursement” since you gave his/her iPhone back.