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The IMEI Check is a procedure that locates & fetches information for specific IMEI numbers. Each iPhone has a unique IMEI number (a 15-digit) which “carries” information about its SIM-Lock status, Network Lock, Blacklist status, Financial status, iCloud status and much more. The IMEI Check is able to find all those information accurately & in real time.


Even though an IMEI Check report can provide you with numerous information about an iPhone, the main benefits are:

  1. Learn how to Unlock any iPhone
  2. Find out if an iPhone has a Lock

Those are the two IMEI Check benefits and those are the two things most of our readers need.

1 – Learn how to Unlock an iPhone with an IMEI Check

Unlock your iPhone with an IMEI CheckIf an iPhone cannot normally operate with a Mobile network then it has a lock issue.

With an IMEI Check you will quickly be able to:

  • Fully understand what is causing your iPhone not to work properly
  • Get the best possible solution for unlocking your iPhone

Most of the times, an iPhone will not have one single kind of lock; it might have two or more.

It is very difficult for the everyday iPhone user to figure out what is wrong with their device and what should be the proper procedure for fixing it.

Also, Apple and the Mobile Networks do not provide support for fixing lock issues.

With an IMEI Check, not only you will know what exactly is the problem of your iPhone, but you will also learn how to unlock it with a few simple steps.

2 – How to find out if an iPhone is locked with an IMEI Check

Find lock status with an IMEI CheckAn iPhone can have multiple locks, with the most common being the following:

  1. SIM-Locked to a Network
  2. Blacklisted by a Network
  3. Unpaid Bills to a Network
  4. iCloud Locked
  5. Worldwide Lock & Blacklist

Some locks have an unlocking solution, but others don’t.

An IMEI Check report, will highlight the active locks of your iPhone and explain you how “dangerous” they are.

Final words about IMEI Checking

Before starting to find a solution, you need to know what the problem is and what you want to solve

We have no idea if anyone said that, but this is something that we try to apply to all our problems.

The same train of thought is applied when you want to unlock an iPhone:

  1. You need to know if it is locked
  2. You need to know what kind of lock(s) it has
  3. You need to know what are the available unlocking solutions
  4. And you need to be able to learn all of the above very quickly and easily

The IMEI Check service covers all those 4 steps, which is the ultimate tool that can help you to unlock your iPhone.