Being in the iPhone Unlocking market for over 10 years, we can clearly see what most of the iPhone users want, what are the most common iPhone Lock issues and what are the available unlocking options for the majority of those locking issues.

An IMEI Unlock Check includes two basic services:

  1. A full iPhone IMEI Check report
  2. Suggested IMEI Unlocking solutions based on that report

IMEI Unlock Check vs IMEI Check – What is the difference?

We have received a lot of messages from iPhone users, to explain the difference between the IMEI Unlock Check and IMEI Check services.

Many people get confused with the IMEI Unlock Check service, since they believe that they will get their iPhone fully unlocked after they purchase it.

To make things clear, we will list exactly what those services include, so you can decide which service best suits you.

IMEI Check service explanation

The IMEI Check service is a simple message which includes any available information that can be found in specific databases.

Those information are not being explained, they are simply forwarded to your email address.

If you are an iPhone expert, then that’s all you need. By reading those raw results, you will be able to determine the lock status, blacklist status, financial status, contract status & IMEI/Serial replacement status.

In short, it is a message with bunch of information about an IMEI number. If you are an expert you can “translate” it, if you are not, you will have issues “reading” it.

IMEI Unlock Check service explanation

The first part of the IMEI Unlock Check service, is exactly the same with the IMEI Check service.

But, there is a second part, which is what it brings so much value to the iPhone users.

The reason that this service got extremely popular is due to:

  • You will receive the results within 10 seconds
  • The results include detailed analysis of:
    • SIM-Lock status
    • Carrier Identification
    • Blacklist status
    • Financial status
    • iCloud status
    • Contract status
    • IMEI/Serial Replacement status
  • Instant connection with an iPhone Expert
    • Detailed analysis of the report
    • Infinite follow ups for any questions
  • IMEI Unlocking suggestions based on the report
    • Unlocking solutions will have guaranteed results
    • The price will be the lowest in the market

In short, the iPhone IMEI Unlock Check service is ideal for iPhone users that are not tech savvy, have no knowledge over IMEI Checking and Unlocking solutions and they just want to quickly know what is wrong with their iPhone and how to fix it.

Why should I order an iPhone IMEI  Unlock Check?

If you DO NOT want to:

  • Spend many hours on learning how to read an IMEI Check report,
  • Stress your mind into identifying what is locking your iPhone
  • Spend a fortune into buying a “bad” iPhone or purchasing a wrong unlocking service
  • Get scammed by purchasing a non-usable iPhone

then the iPhone IMEI Unlock check will quickly explain the current status of your iPhone, and an iPhone expert will analyse you in detail your available options.

It is simple as that; You only need your iPhone’s IMEI number.

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