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iPhone Unlock Japan Services for SoftBank, AU, Docomo, UQ and other popular Japanese networks

Until May 2015, although with a very small success rate, there were some free or very cheap iPhone Unlock Japan solutions such as:

  • Jailbreaking the iPhone
  • Software-based SIM unlocking techniques
  • Unlocking techniques based on SIM interposers such as GPP, RSIM, TurboSIM, and XSIM


As of May 2015, there are only two ways to unlock a Japanese iPhone.

  • Through your mobile phone company
  • Through IMEI iPhone Unlock Japan services

How to SIM Unlock a Japanese iPhone - Step 1

Our first move is to always contact the Japanese Mobile Network that has locked the iPhone

If we do not know this information then we should use an IMEI Carrier Check since even if we communicate with all the Japanese networks, no one is going to reveal to us who is ultimately responsible for the lock.

Japan iPhone Network Unlock

iPhone Unlock in Japan through any network is perhaps more difficult than any other corner of the world.

Like elsewhere, our iPhone must meet all the requirements of each network’s SIM unlock policy, but at the same time, there are way more conditions than any other country.

The common prerequisites for any Japanese network are:

  • Your iPhone must be SIM locked by the network you will get in touch
  • You usually have to be or have been their customer
  • The iPhone should not be blacklisted
  • There must be no unpaid bills or pending device installments
  • The iPhone must be turned on with the network services for a certain period of time
  • The iDevice must not be linked with a previous customer’s account
  • It will cost you around 3000 to 10000 yen


Unfortunately, that’s not all.

If we take a look at SoftBank’s SIM Lock removal requirements, we will find out that they ask for much more to approve a SIM Unlock request. I honestly can’t describe the rest. In fact, I don’t even understand half of them. And all this only applies to SoftBank.

If we visit AU, Docomo, UQ we will come across long lists with completely different conditions.

How to SIM Unlock a Japanese iPhone - Step 2

If you are the original owner of a Japanese iPhone, you can try your luck through the network that has locked it.

If they refuse or want to unlock a used iPhone then you need alternatives.

Since 2015 you don’t have many but only one: The IMEI SIM Unlock service.

But the good news is that as long as your Japanese iPhone is compatible with IMEI Unlock then you will unlock it 100% guaranteed in just a few days.

For a completely successful iPhone Unlock Japan service you will need the following information:

The second step for iPhone Unlock Japan Services is an IMEI Unlock Check.

Getting a Guaranteed Japan iPhone Unlock Service

Here at iPhoneUnlock.Zone, we will examine your device in detail, revealing its complete condition immediately and accurately.

Once we make sure that everything is OK, we will offer you the best iPhone Unlock Japan services on the market, at the lowest prices, and with a money-back guarantee.

Since the beginning of this month, we have IMEI checked 135 Japanese iPhones and provided successfully the following services:

Softbank iPhones Unlocked
AU SIM Unlock iPhone
AU iPhones Unlocked
docomo iPhones Unlocked
UQ mobile iPhones Unlocked

The next successful iPhone Unlock Japan Service may be yours