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The SIM Unlock is a process that can remove the SIM-Lock (Network or Carrier Lock) from an iPhone or other smartphone. Devices that have a SIM-Lock can only accept SIM-Cards from the network that it is locked. For instance, if you have an iPhone locked on AT&T USA network, it will only accept SIM-Cards from that network.

iPhone SIM Unlocking is a huge topic and to our experience it is very popular amongst users that purchased or planning to purchase a used iPhone.

The ultimate goal of iPhone users is to be able to operate it with local mobile networks depending on the area they live or they are about to travel to.

This is something that Locked iPhones will not allow you to do, which is the reason that the SIM Unlocking procedure is so valuable.

Can I SIM Unlock my iPhone right now?

To be brutally honest, it depends!

SIM Unlocking can happen through IMEI Unlocking services and those services have a few restrictions.

(There are some other methods that can SIM Unlock an iPhone for free, but they only support iPhone 3Gs, 3G and 2G)

The IMEI Unlock services have certain prerequisites, so your iPhone must meet specific conditions.

So, to answer the question “Can I SIM Unlock my iPhone right now?” in more details, if you know the following information about your iPhone, then you will be able to search for a specific IMEI Unlock service for your iPhone:

  1. The network that is locking your iPhone
  2. If it is reported as lost, stolen or fraud
  3. If it has outstanding financial balance with a mobile network
  4. If it is still under contract with a mobile network
  5. If it is active on an account, most likely of the previous owner
  6. If it is locked through iCloud
  7. If it has a replaced IMEI or Serial number

See the following example, to fully understand how to pick the right IMEI SIM Unlock service.

Let’s say that you have an iPhone XS that is SIM locked by AT&T USA, it is not reported as lost, stolen or fraud, it does not have outstanding financial balance, it is not under contract or active to another account, it is not iCloud locked and it does not have the IMEI/Serial number replaced.

This means that based on the above status of that iPhone, you will have to locate an AT&T USA IMEI Unlock service which supports iPhones with all the above values.

How can I find out my iPhone’s info in order to SIM Unlock it?

The easiest and quickest way to do that is via an iPhone IMEI Unlock Check service.

The iPhone IMEI Unlock Check is a service that can generate a detailed report which includes all available info of an iPhone’s IMEI number. Those information are being fetched by databases that are not available to the public and are being used on by Apple and all Mobile networks (GSX, GSMA and iCloud).

We highly recommend to always check your iPhone’s IMEI number before proceeding with an IMEI SIM Unlock service, because this is the only way to be 100% sure of an iPhone’s status at the exact time. The seller most likely will not want you to know its Blacklist or Financial status OR he/she might not even know such specific information.

Next Step: Now that I know my iPhone’s status, it is time to SIM Unlock it

Assuming that you know your iPhone’s status and the IMEI information are 100% accurate, it is time for the next big step, the iPhone SIM Unlocking.

You will have to address to an IMEI Unlocking company to remove your iPhone’s SIM Lock since it is impossible to do it on your own.

There are hundreds of IMEI Unlocking companies out there and unfortunately a big portion of them are, to put it very mildly, not going to help you a lot.

You need to do a very good research on which iPhone Unlock provider to pick.

How to pick the right SIM Unlock company:

We suggest using the following methods to verify if an iPhone SIM Unlock company actually offers what they advertise:

  • Do a Google research with the following keyword “[Your Lock network] [Country] iPhone IMEI Unlock”
  • Get the first 10 or 15 results
  • Make sure that they are IMEI SIM Unlock companies
  • Do a research for reviews “[SIM Unlock company] reviews”
  • Make sure that those reviews are not listed to their website
  • Find reviews and testimonials from trusted 3rd party websites (Like Sitejabber)
  • A normal review profile should have a 5% to 10% negative reviews as well
  • If all the reviews are 5-star, then either this company is flawless (Which is almost impossible) or those reviews are fake
  • After reviewing all those SIM Unlock companies, compare their prices
  • Then, you can pick the one that best suits you

Conclusion on SIM Unlocking an iPhone

The one and only thing you should remember about SIM Unlocking is that you should know the exact status of your iPhone before starting the unlocking procedure.

If you order a SIM Unlock service based on wrong information about your iPhone, the unlock will fail and the iPhone SIM Unlock company will not refund your payment.

So, to sum up everything, go through the following steps:

  1. Get an iPhone IMEI Check
  2. Do a research for the top iPhone Unlock providers
  3. Locate the service your iPhone needs
  4. Proceed with a SIM Unlock order

If you do not have the time or knowledge to do all the above, then our Complete iPhone IMEI Unlock Check service includes everything.