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The Sprint IMEI Check is a service that can identify how Sprint USA identifies an iPhone. Apart from the Blacklist & Financial status identification, it will show you its SPCS status, which is essential for picking the right Network Unlocking method.

Sprint IMEI Check is the first step before buying or unlocking a Sprint iPhone.

What it will actually offer you is the knowledge of the iPhone’s status & the availability of Unlocking or Unblacklisting services.

Sprint IMEI Check – Breaking down the checking procedure

A proper Sprint IMEI Checker should be able to provide accurate and up to date Network, Blacklist, Financial and SPCS information.

This can only happen if the company has access to:

  1. Apple’s GSX database
  2. GSMA database
  3. Sprint’s database

1 – Sprint IMEI Check via Apple’s GSX database

GSX (Global Service Exchange) is a database owned by Apple which contains information about all active and inactive IMEI/Serial numbers of Apple’s devices.

This database contains SIM-Lock, Network, iCloud, Warranty and IMEI/Serial replacement information which are essential if you want to buy or unlock a Sprint iPhone.

Public access is not allowed, so the company that offers a Sprint IMEI Check service must be able to access it.

2 – Sprint IMEI Check via GSMA database

GSMA database (Global System for Mobile Communications Association) contains information about IMEI numbers that are related with their Blacklist status.

In that database, over 750 Mobile Networks list their subscribers IMEI numbers and mark them as CLEAN, LOST, STOLEN or FRAUD.

Again, this database is not for public use, so a legitimate company that offers Sprint IMEI Check services should have access to it.

3 – Sprint’s database

All mobile networks have access to GSMA database (And some of them are able to access GSX), which means that they know at any time the IMEI status of a device.

Sprint is able to determine the SIM-Lock, if the device is locked to their network, the iCloud status, the Blacklist, the Warranty & the IMEI/Serial replacement status of its iPhones.

In Sprint’s database they are also able to add some extra information, such as Financial status, Contract status & Account status. They do not allow public access to their databases too.

Can I use a Free Sprint IMEI Check service?

Sprint offers a BYOD check, but the results are very vague. It will only show you if this device can be used with their network.

No extra information will be provided. It might give you a hint of its status, but it is impossible to determine if there is a Blacklist or Financial issue.

Sprint BYOD IMEI Check

In order to find all the available information of a Sprint iPhone, you need to get a Sprint IMEI Check service from a legitimate checking company.

Why to choose our Sprint IMEI Check service?

Sprint IMEI Check serviceOur Sprint IMEI Check service will provide you a report which combines GSX, GSMA and Sprint databases information.

  1. Full iPhone info (GSX)
  2. SIM-Lock status with Sprint (GSX)
  3. Blacklist status (GSMA)
  4. Blacklist Reason & Date (Sprint)
  5. Financial status (Sprint)
  6. SPCS status (Sprint)
  7. iCloud status (GSX)
  8. Recommendations for Unlocking & Unblacklisting your Sprint iPhone (From us)

Our service is automated, which means that after typing in your IMEI number and email address, we will instantly process it, run it through all those databases and send you a full report to your email address.

11 Responses

    1. Hello Bola,

      I suggest checking the IMEI number of your Sprint iPhone, so we can find out its Blacklist, Financial and SPCS status.

      That way, we will be able to check if your Sprint iPhone is supported by an unlocking service or not.

      If you already know the Blacklist, Financial and SPCS status, please let us know here and we will inform you if there is a service available for unlocking the SIM-Lock of your Sprint iPhone.

  1. Can anything be done?

    IMEI: 353903105989006
    IMEI2: 353903105872822
    Serial Number: F2LZMBABN70G
    Operator: Sprint USA
    Free: No
    Warranty completion date: January 6, 2020
    On: Yes
    Can be released: Yes*

    Unlocking for your device has returned as “Locked” from the unlock server due to pending fees. This may mean that the device has not been active with the service provider during the required period or that the device has not been paid for through the contract.

    1. Hello Gomaz,

      It depends on the SPCS status of your iPhone, since only SPCS: Yes Sprint devices can get Network Unlocked.

      Do you have that info? If not, please use our Spint IMEI Check service to find that info.

      Also our report will suggest you the proper service for unlocking your iPhone.

  2. Hello , I paid for imei check of my locked phone . The reports says my phone is locked to Xfinity . I would like to know if it is possible to unlock it

    1. Hello Jojo,

      Have you ordered a Complete iPhone IMEI Check service of a Basic one?

      If you ordered a Complete one, then our agents can help you with your case (If they haven’t already done it) and suggest you methods and services for fixing it.

  3. Hi I have an iPhone xs max for sprint and it has an unpaid bills status how can I clean the unpaid bills so the iPhone won’t be blacklisted

    1. We need to check its status first, then its SPCS status and we will be able to inform you if there is a service available that can do that. You can order a full check from the ordering form at the top of this page.

  4. J’ai un iPhone SE sim lock verrouiller sur Vodafone uk réseau
    Combien coûte le desimlockage ?

    1. Hello Ahmed,

      We send you a message through our ticketing platform with a few more questions about your device.

      Based on your reply, we will suggest you the proper service, with costs and delivery time.

  5. Hi
    Can i unlock my device?
    Model: iPhone X 64GB Silver
    IMEI: 354841093618667
    Serial Number: F17WTG7EJCLG
    Carrier: US Sprint/MVNO Locked Policy
    SIMLock Status: Locked
    Model Number: IXBTBY64SIL1
    ICCID: 89011202000087419666
    ESN Desc: 089392768903545190
    SIM & Device Compatibile: YES
    SIM Available: YES
    SIM SKU: CZ2114LWQ
    Eligibility Status: ACTIVE ON AN ACCOUNT
    Currently Active: NO
    FED Met: YES