US T-Mobile SIM Unlock IMEI Services for any iPhone

T-Mobile is one of the 4 largest networks in the United States as well as one of the largest in the world since its branches are spread over more than 17 countries. Naturally, every day we accept dozens of questions about T-Mobile Unlock for USA iPhones and here you will find all the answers for any device status.


USA T-Mobile SIM Unlock For iPhone

T-Mobile is one of the few providers for which you have many iPhone Unlock options depending on the situation you are in.

T-Mobile iPhone Unlock Request

As we always suggest, your first move should be to contact the Carrier. T-Mobile iPhone Unlock Request is completely free as long as you meet the following Τmobile unlock eligibility guidelines:

  • It must be SIM locked by T-Mobile The iPhone should not be Blacklisted (reported as lost, stolen, fraud, replaced)
  • The iPhone should not be Blocked for unpaid bills or pending installment plan
  • The account currently associated with the iPhone must not have outstanding finance (it’s not the same with blocked)
  • You cannot make more than two T-Mobile iPhone unlock requests per service line in a 12 months period
  • You may need proof of purchase or additional information

There are further requirements for postpaid and prepaid accounts as well as for military personnel but what should be immediately realized in any case is that you must be the iPhone original owner in order to make a T-Mobile SIM unlock request since you will need:

  • The original account holder’s name and the account number
  • The account password or the account holder’s social security number
  • The phone number of the associated service line
T-Mobile Support

So if you’re trying to unlock a used iPhone you bought or T-Mobile has rejected your official request, don’t worry, you still have a lot of options but unfortunately, none of them will be free of charge from now on.

T-Mobile iPhone Unlock Request Rejection

US T-Mobile IMEI Unlock Services

What plays the biggest role right now is the iPhone IMEI Status since it will determine the Factory Unlock service you need. Your iPhone is either:

  • Associated with an Outstanding Finance account
  • Blocked
  • Blacklisted
If you are not absolutely sure about what of the above applies for your iPhone then it’s extremely easy to find it out by picking “I am not sure” option at the top of the page.

For CLEAN iPhone

An iPhone is considered clean when it is not blacklisted, blocked, active on another account, and there is no outstanding financial balance.

T-Mobile USA IMEI Network Unlock is flawless and in 12 business days the most your iPhone will be permanently SIM unlocked. (just pick CLEAN at the top of the page)

For iPhone with Outstanding Finance

In this case, the iPhone is not eligible for T-Mobile USA CLEAN Network Unlock because there are unpaid bills or pending device installment plan.

But there is no reason to worry because a Semi Premium T-Mobile Unlock service will give the solution again in about 12 business days. (just pick OUTSTANDING FINANCE at the top of the page)

For Blocked iPhone

T-Mobile will block an iPhone when several unpaid bills or installment plan (usually more than 2) are piled up.

In this case, you will need a Premium T-Mobile Unlock Service which can take up to 15 business days to complete but unfortunately, it doesn’t have 100% success rate but around 50% according to our experience. (just pick BLOCKED at the top of the page)

However, you can still manage to unlock a T-Mobile blocked iPhone but it will cost you much more and take longer since:

  • You must first remove the blocked status with a T-Mobile USA IMEI Unblacklist/Unblock service (around 10 days)
  • And then use a Semi Premium T-Mobile Unlock service (because your iPhone is unblocked but the outstanding finance remains)

For Blacklisted iPhone

As I previously mentioned an iPhone will become blacklisted once it is reported as stolen / lost / fraud or replaced (eg in the case of an insurance claim).

Thankfully, there are various options depending on your situation and how much you can spend.

  • Premium T-Mobile Unlock Service

Although this Premium IMEI Unlock will SIM Unlock a blacklisted iPhone still you won’t be able to use it in the States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Puerto Rico because the iPhone remains blacklisted in them.

So, if you live in a different country, you won’t have any problems with it. (just pick BLACKLISTED at the top of the page)

If you do live in one of these countries then T-Mobile Blacklist Removal is a one-way ticket. It will take up to 10 business days the most but you will only be able to use SIM Cards T-Mobile as long as your iPhone remains simlocked in this Carrier.  

  • T-Mobile USA IMEI Unblacklist/Unblock service + T-Mobile USA CLEAN Network Unlock

If you really need to completely unlock a blacklisted US T-Mobile iPhone then removing the Blacklist Status won’t be enough. But now, since your iPhone is CLEAN, you can simply use a T-Mobile USA CLEAN Network Unlock and finally get the job done.

USA T-Mobile Unlock iPhone

Before you go

I would also like to emphasize that SIM unlocking your iPhone either through IMEI Unlock or T-Mobile itself will allow you to use SIM Cards from any GSM network globally. Although few countries outside of the United States have CDMA networks, Sprint, Verizon and most of their MVNOs are CDMA and therefore will not be available after the unlock.