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The Unlock O2 iPhone service will remove the SIM-Lock from your iPhone which prevents it from operating with other Mobile Networks. After the completion of the service you will be able to use any Mobile network worldwide.

Unlock O2 iPhone – Check if your iPhone is supported

Before initiating the O2 iPhone Unlocking procedure, there are a few things that you need to check in order to pick the right service.

To Unlock an O2 iPhone, your device must meet the following 2 criteria:

  1. Its Blacklist status must be CLEAN
  2. It should not have Unpaid Bills

A device is considered CLEAN when it is not reported as Lost, Stolen or Fraud. Also, with the term Unpaid Bills we mean that it should not have any pending contract bills or other outstanding financial balance with O2 UK network.

So, before doing anything, our suggestion is to get a full iPhone IMEI Unlock Check to find your iPhone’s Financial & Blacklist status.

Is it possible to Unlock a Blacklisted O2 iPhone?

There are no services available that can Unlock a Blacklisted O2 UK iPhone, but there is a solution.

  1. First you need to Unblacklist it with an O2 UK IMEI Unblacklist service
  2. Then you can Unlock O2 iPhone by picking an IMEI Unlock service

Is this solution guaranteed?

Most of the times, this 2-step solution works fine, but there are two occasions it might fail.

  1. If the O2 UK Unblacklist service fails (around 5% chance of happening), then the iPhone cannot get unlocked
  2. If the iPhone gets unblacklisted, but it also has outstanding financial balance

When an O2 UK iPhone is Blacklisted, it is not possible to find if it has or hasn’t outstanding financial balance. The unblacklist service can only remove the Lost/Stolen status, not the Unpaid Bills one.

Can I Unlock O2 iPhone through the actual network?

O2 UK has created a detailed article on how to unlock an O2 iPhone through them without any charges.

However, you have to meet certain criteria, and there are plenty (Go to O2 website to learn more).

We highly suggest to try their method first, since you will have the chance of unlocking your O2 UK iPhone for free (Or maybe with a very small fee).

What are the benefits to Unlock O2 iPhone?

Unlock O2 iPhoneBy unlocking your O2 iPhone, you will allow it to start using any SIM card you want without any limitations.

But, let’s sum up all the benefits to one list:

  • Use any SIM-card you want
  • Use different Carriers worldwide
  • Get a permanent Unlock
  • Update your iOS to any future versions
  • Warranty is not voided
  • Use all apps without any problems