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The Verizon IMEI Check is a service that can identify how Verizon USA perceives an iPhone. It goes without saying that if Verizon has your iPhone’s IMEI number listed as Lost/Stolen/Fraud, you will have issues using it.

Based on our 10 years of experience on iPhones, the most common issue of a Verizon iPhone is its Blacklist & Financial status.

It is crucial to know before buying a used Verizon iPhone its Blacklist and Financial status, since it can save you a lot of money.

Also, for users that already bought a Verizon iPhone, it is essential to check it, since based on its status you will know which service can unlock or unblacklist it.

If you already know that your Verizon iPhone is Blacklisted, you can easily remove it with our Verizon USA IMEI Unblacklist service.

Verizon IMEI Check – How it works

In order to receive an accurate and up to date Verizon IMEI Check report, the company that provides it needs to have access to the following ‘not public’ databases:

  1. GSX database
  2. GSMA database
  3. Verizon’s Blacklist database

1 – Verizon IMEI Check through GSX database

GSX database (information taken from lightspeedhq) is Apple’s management tool that is accessible from all Apple’s partners. There, you can see all the information about an IMEI number. From that database, you will be informed if your Verizon iPhone is locked or not.

2 – Verizon IMEI Check through GSMA database

GSMA (information taken from gsma.com) is a global central database which contains basic information of IMEI numbers (For millions of mobile devices), such as the Blacklist status. From that database, you will learn if your Verizon iPhone is CLEAN, LOST, STOLEN or FRAUD.

3 – Verizon’s Blacklist database

Verizon keeps a private database with all their active IMEI numbers of their subscribers. There, they can mark them as Clean, Outstanding financial balance, Lost, Stolen or Fraud. Normally, the GSMA database should be also updated when Verizon marks or tags an IMEI number, but is rare cases the Blacklist status might be delayed (On GSMA’s side).

However, checking both of those databases, ensures the accuracy of the report. Only in this database you can find out if a Verizon IMEI number has Unpaid Bills or other outstanding financial balance.

Are there any FREE Verizon IMEI Check services?

Verizon offers a free check, but it provides no specific information.

It will only tell you if the IMEI number that you typed in is compatible with the Verizon network (Bring your Own Device form).

There are also a few companies that offer free Verizon IMEI Check services, but their results are not accurate and are out-dated. They keep private databases and their content is at least 4-5 months old. This means that it is impossible to learn the exact status of a Verizon IMEI number through them.

Why to choose our Verizon IMEI Check?

We want our services to be as helpful and complete as possible, which is the reason that we offer the following Verizon IMEI Check Package.


With our Verizon IMEI Check service, you will receive a full report with the following:

  1. Full iPhone info
  2. SIM-Lock status with Verizon
  3. Blacklist status (GSMA and Verizon’s database)
  4. Reason and Date of the Blacklist (If it is Blacklisted)
  5. Financial status report
  6. iCloud status report
  7. In case of a SIM-Lock or a Blacklist positive results, we also include suggestions for Unlocking and Unblacklisting it

With our automated service, you will receive instantly all the above results to your email address