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Unlock a Blacklisted Verizon iPhone: How to activate a blacklisted Verizon iPhone through the Verizon Blacklist Removal Service

Verizon USA is one of the biggest and most popular USA networks. Many of our users believe that once their Verizon iPhone gets blocked or blacklisted there is nothing to do and their Verizon iPhone cannot operate on any network.

However, there are many options available to you that will make your Blacklisted Verizon iPhone usable again. In fact, there are services that can unlock a clean, blocked, and even blacklisted Verizon iPhone.

Why does a Verizon IMEI number get blocked & blacklisted?

The main reasons that a Verizon iPhone gets blacklisted are when:

  • The owner reports it as Lost or Stolen
  • Verizon reports it as Stolen
  • The owner neglects the payment of the monthly bills and Verizon blocks it
  • A logistic mistake took place on Verizon’s side (While updating their blacklist databases)


It is pretty easy to find out if a Verizon IMEI is blacklisted or blocked. If you are in the USA, you can check the CTIA’s national blacklist database, and check your Verizon’s IMEI number blacklist status.

Also, you can check through Verizon if the device is compatible with their network. It will not show you the blacklist status, but it is a good indicator if something is wrong with it.

If you are not in the USA, you can either use a free VPN and get a USA IP address or get an instant full IMEI Report through our iPhone IMEI Blacklist check service.

Did you know? You can Unlock your Blacklisted Verizon USA iPhone!

What are my available options with a Blacklisted Verizon iPhone?

There are a few options available for blacklisted Verizon iPhones, but you can use the same approach to any blacklisted iPhone.

  1. Return the iPhone to its seller and get a full refund
  2. Ask the original owner to remove the blacklist or the block status
  3. Ask Verizon to unblacklist or unblock your iPhone
  4. Unlock your Blacklisted Verizon iPhone through an IMEI unlock service
  5. Unblacklist or Unblock it through an IMEI service
  6. Sell your iPhone through a website such as flipsy.com
  7. Sell your iPhone for spare parts


Which solution you pick is a personal choice. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

However, if returning the item to the seller and getting a full refund is an option, you should go for it!

There are a few other solutions that we will not analyze since we believe that they have close to zero success rate and they require in-depth hardware & software knowledge.

Some of them are: swapping the Logic board (very high chances of getting re-blacklisted, damage to the iPhone’s hardware, and getting tagged as replaced and fraud), use either a GSC or CDMA network depending on the blacklist (only with very specific iPhone models and carriers), and flash it to another carrier (mostly for Androids, but it has connectivity issues if you manage to achieve it).

1 – Return the Blacklisted Verizon iPhone to its seller

The best-case scenario here is when you ordered the blacklisted Verizon iPhone online and you made a payment through PayPal.

Then, the whole refunding procedure is very easy. All you have to do is to provide enough evidence to PayPal that the seller tried to scam you:

  • Make an online Blacklist IMEI Check which proves the blacklist status of the Verizon iPhone
  • Include the description of the advertised product (assuming that the seller did not state that the device is blacklisted)
  • Add any other evidence you have, like conversations, emails, chats, etc…


PayPal takes fraud attempts very seriously and most likely you will get your refund.

If you used a payment method that does not protect the buyer as efficiently as PayPal, you should also contact them and find out the procedure you must follow.

If you bought it in person, most likely you will not be able to track the seller down again. In that case, you can use one of the following solutions.

2 – Ask the original owner to remove the blacklist or the block status

This case assumes that the owner wasn’t aware of the Verizon iPhone blacklist or blocked status and that he is not a scammer.

Try to politely ask him to contact Verizon and request an unblacklist or unblock. The process is very simple, they just need to contact their Tech Support (877-428-9481), which is available 24/7.

In Verizon’s community, you can read more about contacting the original owner and requesting a blacklist or block removal.

3 – Ask Verizon to unblacklist or unblock your iPhone

This solution has a very low success rate but, in some cases, Verizon was able to remove the blacklist status after a request from a non-original owner.

To achieve this, you will have to gather as much information as you can. This means that you need to provide evidence of communication and that the seller deceived you.

This is a case where someone tried to contact Verizon to unblacklist his device.

4 – Unlock your Blacklisted Verizon iPhone through an IMEI unlock service

It is possible to Unlock a Blacklisted Verizon iPhone with an IMEI Unlock service.

The Verizon IMEI unlock service supports the following cases:

  • Clean
  • Lost or Stolen
  • Fraud
  • Outstanding Financial Balance & Unpaid Bills
  • Under Contract devices
  • All iPhone models (4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 6s+, SE, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 mini)


After the completion of our Verizon IMEI Unlock, your iPhone will be permanently unlocked, which will allow you to use it with any network you want.

However, the IMEI Unlock services will not remove the blacklist or blocked status. This means that you will have restrictions inside the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Puerto Rico.

If you want to use your blacklisted Verizon iPhone inside the above countries, then a Verizon unblacklist service is required.

5 – Unblacklist or Unblock it through an IMEI service

A Verizon IMEI blacklist removal service will remove the Lost or Stolen status.

The Financial / Unpaid Bills status (blocked status) cannot be removed. Verizon will block a device when the owner does not pay the bills after a few months. (You can read a Reddit conversation about Verizon blacklisting non-payment accounts).

Those services however are very unstable and have a very limited lifespan and capacity.

The only way to make sure that they are online and available is through an iPhone IMEI Unblacklist Eligibility check. With this service, our agents will research our 1,500 supplier network for an available service, make sure that your Verizon iPhone is compatible, and reserve you a spot.

Check below how a Verizon IMEI Blacklist removal service will change your iPhone’s Blacklist status:

  • It will change your iPhone’s Lost status to Clean
  • It will change your iPhone’s Stolen status to Clean
  • It will not change the Unpaid Bills status to Clean
  • It will not change the Fraud status to Clean


Also, all iPhone models are supported by the Verizon IMEI Blacklist removal service.

Many companies have a Verizon IMEI Blacklist removal service available and online. However, you should always pick the ones that clearly state when their last availability check was made. Most of them have outdated information which means that the unblacklist service will fail and you will lose your money.

We will inform you if the service is stable, online, and available before making the actual Verizon Unblacklist order.

Check if your Verizon iPhone can get unblacklisted

  • To find your IMEI: Dial *#06# or go to “Settings” > ”General”> “About” > ”IMEI”
  • Hidden
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


IMEI Check reports samples for Verizon iPhones:

Here are some IMEI Check report samples of Verizon iPhones.

Verizon Locked iPhone - report #1

Example #1: Locked Verizon iPhone


Verizon Locked iPhone - report #2

Example #2: Locked Verizon iPhone

The Locked Carrier field should have one of the following values:

  1. Verizon USA
  2. Verizon Wireless
  3. US Verizon Locked Policy
  4. US GSM & Verizon iPhone 6/6 Plus Service Policy

The second is the “Blacklist Status” or “ESN Status”:

Blacklisted Verizon iPhone - Report #1

Example #3: Blacklisted Verizon iPhone


Clean Verizon iPhone - Report #2

Example #4: Clean Verizon iPhone

The Blacklist or ESN status can be Blacklisted, Reported Stolen or Lost, Reported stolen by Verizon Wireless, Clean or Unpaid Bills.

6 – Sell your iPhone through a website like flipsy or to international buyers

Many companies buy blacklisted iPhones, which means that you can sell them your blacklisted Verizon iPhone and get some of your money back.

We recommend this solution as a last resort since selling your iPhone for spare parts can bring you a better profit.

If you have an unlocked but blacklisted Verizon iPhone, you can sell it to a different continent, such as Europe. There, the buyer will be able to use it without any restrictions.

7 – Sell your Blacklisted Verizon iPhone for spare parts

One of the first places you should visit and get an idea of the price you should get from your blacklisted Verizon iPhone is eBay. There you will need to select the options that best reflect the status of your iPhone and the suggested trending price will be shown to you.

Then you can list your blacklisted iPhone and wait for someone to buy it.

Many of our users were able to get a very nice profit from their blacklisted Verizon iPhone, and in some cases, to cover and exceed the amount they paid for it. You can check here one case with a blacklisted iPhone that was sold for spare parts at a higher price than it was purchased.

Selling Blacklisted Verizon iPhone

Benefits of Verizon Blacklist Removal and Unlock Blacklisted iPhone Verizon services

If you have a blacklisted Verizon iPhone you definitely want to get it unblacklisted through a Verizon Blacklist Removal service:

  1. It will remove the Lost or Stolen status from your Verizon iPhone
  2. It will allow you to start using it inside the countries where it was blocked


Have in mind that blacklist removal services cannot remove the SIM-Lock from your Verizon iPhone.

If you want to remove the SIM-Lock from your blacklisted Verizon iPhone, then an IMEI Unlock is the service you need:

  1. It will remove the SIM-Lock status from your iPhone
  2. You will be able to start using it with any network you want


Have in mind that the IMEI unlock service cannot remove the blacklist status, so you will be able to use your iPhone outside of the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico & Puerto Rico (the Verizon blacklist is shared to those countries as well).

Both of those services have permanent results, so you will be able to:

  • Update your iOS normally
  • Keep your iPhone permanently Unlocked & Clean
  • Keep your Warranty as is
  • Use all your apps without any problems


If you want to have a fully Unlocked and Clean Verizon iPhone, then we highly suggest you Unblacklist and Unlock your blacklisted Verizon iPhone.