iPhone IMEI Unlock Check | iPhoneUnlock.Zone

About Us

The Company

Founded on 2015, iPhoneUnlock.Zone is an internet-based company which provides a wide range of services concerning iPhone IMEI Check & Unlocking. Our main mission is to properly identify what is wrong with an iPhone and suggest you (if possible) the best, cheapest & guaranteed unlocking solution. We know that iPhone Unlocking and Checking market is foggy, so we aim for a clear and transparent communication with our customers. By offering our Instant services, we are able to provide accurate and quick solutions and suggestions to our customers, without “weird” delays as other companies do.

The Team

Currently, there are 12 people behind the iPhoneUnlock.Zone company, from all over the world (Germany, USA, Greece, Russia & UK).
  • 6 of them are dedicated to our Customer Support service, to be able to offer 24/7 support and assist our customers.
  • 4 of them are focused on the IMEI Checking and Unlocking services, in order to be able to provide accurate information & solutions
  • 1 is our developer, which makes sure that everything is working accurately and instantly!
  • 1 is our CEO, who was the one that had this vision of an Instant iPhone IMEI Unlock service and made it possible.

Our Philosophy

To put it simply, we aim to provide Instant Evaluation reports & easy to understand solutions to our customers.
  1. Create a report which explains in simple terms what is the iPhone’s status
  2. Provide Personalized Solutions and Recommendations based on iPhone’s status
  3. Provide alternatives to cases that there are no unlocking solutions