UNBLACKLIST your iPhone with our Unblacklisting Service

iPhoneUnlock.Zone Unblacklisting Service allows you to Remove the Lost/Stolen & Fraud status of your iPhone, but first it is required from you to perform an iPhone IMEI Unblacklist Eligibility Check with us (To accurately verify and identify what is wrong with your iPhone).

Cleaning Service for Barred / Blacklisted IMEIs

Unblacklist serviceWhen an iPhone gets blacklisted by a Mobile Network, it is not only locked from that network, but also all the other mobile networks inside the same country, treat this iPhone as blacklisted. This means, that you will not be able to use this iPhone anymore within this country, even if you unlock it!

Also, several countries started to share blacklists between them, so if your iPhone gets blacklisted inside one country, there is a chance that it will also get blacklisted to another country too. For instance, if an iPhone gets Blacklisted inside USA, it will also get blacklisted to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Unblacklisting your device, will allow to use your iPhone to all countries that share the same blacklist!


The Unblacklist service will remove the blacklist status of your iPhone, so you can later unlock it and use it inside the country (And all its mobile networks) without any restrictions.

The Unbar service is only for the Unpaid Bills and Outstanding Financial Balance status. It can remove this status, so you can start using it with that network again!