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iPhone IMEI Check Diagnostics

The most accurate diagnostic IMEI Check Tool

Uncovers an iPhone’s full status
Identifies why you can’t use it as intended 
Provides all available & verified iPhone Unlock solutions

  • Just dial *#06# or go to Settings>General>About to track down your IMEI
  • iPhone IMEI Check Diagnostics Service. Includes SIM-Lock, Network, Blacklist, Financial, iCloud, Warranty and IMEI/Serial replacement IMEI Checks. Also, full customer support with suggestions for fixing any issues.
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Although a full IMEI Check report has all the signals to “warn” us of locking issues, of course, you don’t need to know how to decode it.

Things get even more complicated when you have to choose the right unlocking service since you have to be absolutely sure that your iPhone is compatible with the requirements and that the service is active with good chances of success at the given time.

How to decode the info of an IMEI Check report

Unfortunately, most iPhone Unlock companies benefit from the above and refuse to compensate you in case of failure while many others charge you for pre-ordering non-existent services.

We have been there since the beginning of iPhone Unlock back in 2010 and our staff has the experience and the technological means to give answers to all of this without requiring any commitment from you, no subscription costs, no prepayments and no need to unlock your iDevice through us if you do not wish to.

We will be happy to accurately and consistently identify any potential iPhone locking problem, its possible consequences or extensions, and give you appropriate advice on how to deal with it.

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However, even if you need an unlock service immediately, we’re sure that 

  • Our experience
  • Our customer support
  • Our exclusive pricing and 
  • Our special offer packages 

will convince you to let iPhoneUnlock.Zone make your iPhone better than new and unlocked.