How it works?

Remote & Permanent iPhone IMEI Unlock

We change the official lock status of your IMEI from Locked to Unlocked,
so you can start using any SIM Card and Network with your iPhone!

All you need is your IMEI Number

Every iPhone has a 15 digit identifying number assigned to it, called IMEI number.
The IMEI number is unique to that phone and is used by your mobile phone company to associate your phone to a particular network, called Lock Network.

Easiest Way to Get your IMEI number:



Second Method to get your IMEI:



Alternatively, you can get your IMEI by connecting your iPhone to iTunes:


Connect the iPhone using the USB cable to your computer and open iTunes,
Click on “Devices” in the top right and choose your iPhone.
Select the Summary tab to see your IMEI

Get ready to unlock your iPhone via IMEI!

Your carrier receives the request and includes your IMEI number to Apple Activation Server (the official database of factory unlocked devices). You will be automatically notified once your iPhone is fully unlocked. All you have you to do then is connect your iPhone to iTunes and follow the instructions OR restore your iPhone without iTunes.

Average Processing Time: 11 hours


Unlock iPhone with Network Lock:
When an iPhone is locked to a mobile network, it means that it can ONLY operate with that specific network. You need to pick that network in order to unlock it and use it with any carrier you want. If you do not know that information with 100% certainty, you can pick the “I am not sure” option and we will check it for you! Request your iPhone unlock!

Unlock blacklisted iPhones:
Many second-hand iPhones are being reported by their original owners as LOST or STOLEN for various reasons. Also, some of them are being marked with the UNPAID BILLS tag, which means that the previous owner did not paid the contract’s bills. To unlock these devices, we offer a Premium service that will unlock blacklisted iPhones. If you do not know if you have a blacklisted iPhone, simply pick the “I am not sure” option and we will check it for you! Request your iPhone unlock!

We make iPhone Unlocking simple and straight forward!
So what are you waiting for?
Get your iPhone unlocked with iPhoneUnlock.Zone