This page will give you an overview about the ICCID number and explain you why it is helpful to know it.

This page also includes:

  • Explanation of how the ICCID is generated
  • What information it contains
  • How it is related with other network identifiers
  • Information of how to use it for unlocking your iPhone

What is ICCID & what an ICCID Check can show?

The ICCID is an up to 20 digits long number which basically identifies a SIM-card. Each SIM-Card has a unique ICCID number, which is generated based on various things.

With the ICCID number you can learn some valuable information about the SIM-Card, and the iPhone that uses it.

Breaking down the ICCID number to subparts

Let’s see how those 20 digits of the ICCID number are being generated, so you can clearly understand what information we can retrieve from it.

You can break down the ICCID number into 4 subparts (5 if you also count the last digit which the check digit – For verification purposes).

#1 part – The Major Industry Identifier (MII) |2 digits|

This is a 2 digit number and it is fixed. All ICCID numbers start with the “89” which is the telecommunication identifier, so you can instantly tell that this ICCID is from the telecommunication industry.

#2 part – The Country Code |2 to 3 digits|

Each country has its own code; For instance Canada uses 302, Russia 701 and so on (Source: Wikipedia).

You can find the whole list of Country Codes to Wikipedia.

#3 part – Mobile Network Code (MNC) |up to 4 digits|

The next 1-4 digits, identify the Mobile Network of the SIM card. Each Mobile network has its unique MNC.

From the following link, you can pick the country you want (Based on the Country Code of the ICCID) and find a table inside with all the network codes of that country (Mobile Network code table).

#4 part – Mobile Subscription Identification Number (MSIN) |up to 10 digits|

The MSIN is about the mobile phone, not the SIM-Card. It is unique to every SIM-Card, since it identifies the hardware. The whole ICCID number must be unique, but the parts 1 to 3, might be the same between a very large number of SIM-Cards.

So, the MSIN is the part that basically makes the ICCID number unique.

#5 part – Check digit |1 digit|

The last digit, Check digit, is calculated with the Luhn algorithm. It is a simple checksum formula that is used to validate a large number of numbers (IMEI, ICCID, Credit Card, etc…).

This last number makes sure that the sequence of all those digits (And the actual digits of course) are valid.

Total sum of ICCID number

As you can see, the sum of all those parts can be up to 20 digits.

Also, the first 3 parts is also called “Issuer Identification number (IIN)” and often the part 5 is not even mentioned.

How to find the ICCID number?

There are two ways to find the ICCID number of your iPhone.

#1 – ICCID is printed on the SIM-Card

ICCID number on SIM card effect

As you can clearly see, the 20 digit ICCID number is printed on the back of that SIM-Card.

#2 – ICCID number through iPhone’s settings

The process is as easy as finding the IMEI number of your iPhone through its “Settings”.

  • Go to “Settings
  • Then to “General
  • And then to “About
  • Scroll down until you find the ICCID number

You can find the tutorial with images to the “iPhone’s IMEI number” page.

If you have an Android, Windows or BlackBerry device, you can find some nice tutorials on website.

iPhone Unlock ICCID Checker – Can you Unlock your iPhone?

There isn’t a direct connection between the ICCID number and with methods that can unlock it.

However, there are plenty of information you can get, in order to help you identify some things about the iPhone that operates with that SIM-Card.

For instance, you can easily identify from the ICCID number of a SIM-Card, the following:

  • Country
  • Mobile Network

If the iPhone works normally with that SIM-Card, but not with others, it means that this iPhone is locked on that particular network.

For example, if the ICCID is “89310150XXXXXXXXXXY“, then you know that:

  1. It is a Telecommunication device89
  2. It is from United States of America310
  3. It is an AT&T USA mobile network150
  4. The rest is the “Mobile Subscription Identification Number”, no info there

If that device works normally with that SIM-Card but not with others, it means that it is Locked on AT&T USA network.

ICCID Check vs IMEI Check: Which is the best for iPhone Unlocking?

Through the IMEI number you can find much more info that can help you to unlock your iPhone.

But, with the ICCID number, you can easily verify the results of an IMEI Check, such as Country and Mobile Network.

If you are into these things and you want to find out all available information an ICCID number can provide you, check below.

With the ICCID number you can dig a little deeper though, and find information about some Mobile Network references and notes in Wikipedia (And other more specialized websites).

For instance, the “150” number to the above ICCID example, indicates that the brand might be AT&T (US), Wilkes Cellular (US), NorthwestCell(US), Ultranet (From Mexico) and it also provides the following info “Originally BellSouth Mobility DCS, then Cingular Wireless then Aio Wireless, then rebranded as the new GSM Cricket Wireless“.

This can be valuable information, since you can also see that it operates with Cricket Wireless GSM network.

There are also some tools you can find online, that can analyse the ICCID number of an iPhone, and quickly break the whole number to the subparts that I explained to the top of this article.

However, if you want to be 100% sure of that status of your iPhone and learn how to unlock it, the iPhone IMEI Unlock check is the service you need.

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