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  • iPhone IMEI Check Report Receive a full report to your inbox, which will explain your iPhone's current Lock status.

    Find if your iPhone is Locked or Unlocked, which Mobile Network is locking it, if it is reported as Lost, Stolen or Fraud, if it is Unpaid Bills or Outstanding Financial Balance to a Mobile Network, if it is Under or Out of Contract, if it is iCloud Locked or not and if its IMEI/Serial number have been replaced.

    Based on the results, we will be able to tell you if your iPhone can get unlocked and which Network Unlock service is ideal for your iPhone.

  • You can get it by tapping the "i" on your screen or dialing *#06#.
    Sharing your IMEI number has zero security risks for your iPhone!!
  • Fill out a valid e-mail address to keep you updated for the iPhone IMEI Check results