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iPhone IMEI Check service sample report
The iPhone IMEI Check is a service that generates a full history report of an iPhone and shows its current lock status (SIM-Lock, Carrier, Blacklist, Financial, iCloud, Warranty, Contract & IMEI/Serial replacement) by accessing GSX, GSMA & iCloud databases.

We are on the iPhone Check & Unlock market for over 5 years and all our customers come to us when they have an issue with their used iPhone.

Long before starting iPhoneUnlock.Zone we were passionate iPhone users. We have already been to our customers’ shoes and we learn how to deal with locked iPhones with the hard way.

We have been scammed, we have been overcharged & we have ended up with unusable iPhones. It goes without saying that those experiences were infuriating and very costly. After all, buying an iPhone is a small investment (Or a large one if you want to buy the latest iPhone model).

So, iPhoneUnlock.Zone’s main goals are:

  1. Educate our users about the dangers of used iPhones
  2. Provide accurate and up to date iPhone IMEI Check reports
  3. Explain in simple words what is wrong with an iPhone and how to fix it

This is exactly what our iPhone IMEI Unlock Check service does and it does it instantly!

iPhone IMEI Check: The benefits

I think that the best phrases to sum up the benefits of an iPhone IMEI Check report are the following:

  • Feel certain that if something is wrong with your iPhone, we will find it.
  • Be 100% sure that if an unlocking solution exists, you will gain access to it with the lowest possible price.

We want our customers to feel confident that we can identify ANY iPhone issue and that our suggestions have guaranteed results.

iPhone IMEI Check: Why do I need an expert?

To be 100% clear, reading an iPhone IMEI Check report is not difficult. By reading a few posts (Which I will list below), you will be able to learn what to pay attention on an iPhone IMEI Check report and identify what is wrong with your iPhone.

However, the tools that are being used in order to access certain databases and deliver the report to your email address instantly, is something that a normal iPhone user (Even an expert one) does not have.

So, an iPhone expert, as we at iPhoneUnlock.Zone are, will provide you:

  1. Accurate interpretation of the IMEI Check report
  2. Identification of current issues and possible future ones
  3. Suggestion of working & guaranteed unlocking solutions

An expert on iPhones will look deeper and not simply “translate” what the IMEI Check report says.

Closer look on iPhone IMEI Check results

Below is a list of all the information included in an iPhone IMEI Check report:




Shows if your iPhone is Network Locked or Unlocked

Network Lock Identification

Shows in which Carrier your iPhone is locked to (If it is SIM-Locked)


Shows if your iPhone is reported as Lost, Stolen or Fraud by a Mobile Network


Shows if your iPhone has Outstanding Financial Balance (Like Unpaid Bills) with a Carrier


Shows if your iPhone is In or Out of Contract with a Carrier


Shows the “Find My iPhone” and iCloud status of an iPhone (If it is iCloud locked or not)

IMEI Replacement

Shows if the Original IMEI/Serial numbers of an iPhone were replaced by an unauthorised service


If you want to get educated on how to read an iPhone IMEI Check report, we strongly suggest to read the following posts we’ve created:

Conclusion on iPhone IMEI Check services

It is not possible to have knowledge of everything, which means that asking for help from experts on issues you do not know is often necessary.

An iPhone Expert will tell you immediately what problems an iPhone has, if you can use it, what limitations it will have and how much it will cost you to unlock it.

So, using an iPhone IMEI Unlock Check service, will save you TIME, STRESS & MONEY.

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